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Raj & Hasini

Raj – Asst. Professor, Entrepreneur, Aeronautical Engineer and Writer. Basically, I am a Researcher / Scientist working in Andong National University, Korea Meanwhile doing my Doctrate in Gas Dynamics and I completed my Post Graduate in Design. I am always interested in Research related studies also  I worked in Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), Bangalore, India as a Senior Consultant Engineer and worked as a Assistant Professor in various Engineering colleges over a decade in India.

Hasini Raj – Asst. Professor, Designer, Aeronautical Engineer, Blog Writer, Devotionist, Chef and Home maker. Post Graduate in Air Traffic Management Studies. I worked in Teaching and Aeronautical Industries more than 8 years.

Raj & Hasini are now the founder of www.ababijobs.com. We both loves to Travel a lot, try new food and culture, Live and Love our life each and every moment and do our Passion at the cost of anything. We started this website not only for making money but also for sharing our ideas to everyone.

Our Story

We both Professionals and Employed with two kids in hand. Then think of the daily morning from Monday to Friday. At Some point of time We fed up of 9 am – 5 pm jobs. For mere money We are running the whole day. Still didn’t earn much. Most importantly not able spend time with family. So, we planned to get out of this daily routine. Quit the job finally but, struggled more than before. Searched in internet for online jobs and found most of them were fake and lost some money. Its takes a year to find out which one is legit and paying. That is a point We got a spark to open a new website with all the Trusted and Legit sources to earn money importantly without investment.

Our Approach

In Internet, very few legit sites are there and they never ask you any money in the form of investment. I very much confident about our site contents are 100% Scam free and earn money in your wallet. Always remember nothing turns upside down over a night or day also its not a get rich quick scheme. Here we present you methods and teaches you how to earn money. We clarify you doubts through comments section or contact form within 48 hours.

Finally, you have a doubt what we get from this site economically? Economy is very important factor to run anything. In our site no registration fee, no hidden charges and no investment. Only thing what we expect from you is click the referral link to join or affiliate link to purchase a product. That’s more than sufficient for us.

We are happy to help you. Go through the website and if there are any doubts and suggestions you are always welcome.

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