Your Honest Opinion earn you Money. Can you believe it? If yes click here

Firstly, The word Clixsense itself refers to clicks with presence of mind and makes money easily. This website is Genuine and Legit one and everything is free of cost and the site is paying since 2007.

How I earn in Clixsense?

The best way to earn from Clixsense is online survey. But its always difficult to qualify for survey. Here I give you some tips to qualify for survey and earn some dollars.

There are several survey providers available in clixsense.

Step 1

First Click the Survey option on the Top Menu and fill your profile. Update the basic details. These basic details were so important to qualify for the survey. So, fill it carefully with the guidelines below.

Step 2:

How to setup matching profile?

Enter you name, gender, date of birth truly and it cannot be changed once you entered. Select the postal code with your nearest metro city , if you give your postal which is other than metro  you can get very few survey matching.

Marital status, about your kids can be your choice. If you have mentioned about kids that they are under the age of 14, you can get matching with the surveys related to baby care, baby products etc.Then Your qualification Select degree or masters or whichever you belongs  to you. Don’t select school education even if you are.While asking about your Income, select your salary if its above creamy else fill it with your dream salary.Always say NO to the questions that is there any member of your family or friends work in advertising, media, newspaper, magazines, accounts, brokerage, market research, public services. Because if we give yes suddenly you do not qualify for that survey.

The main thing for all the surveys you have to mention is that you are the sole decision maker for all the things in your works and household.Then comes to your employment, you can select you job level with middle or senior, and terms like your department , annual revenue and total members of you company accordingly.Recheck all you answers and confirm it. Almost done with your profile, while the surveys matching with this, more preferences can be made.


Click on the survey preferences option which in next to surveys profile.

Here you can select the options like smart phone tablet.

It means that laptop or computer is default for surveys. Along with that few surveys can be only done with the smartphone or tablets. So that we can choose all these options for not missing any surveys. when you get surveys you can get notification through your email in your smartphone.

What are all the types of Survey in Clixsense?

Here are the default list of surveys available in the web page,

Speak up 1, 2 3

Global test market

Tap research


Opinion surveys

Among these surveys Tap research is little special and available all the times. If you just enter you get the minimum dollar that’s 0.01$ if you complete the survey you get the full amount. For all other surveys you have to complete till end and can wait for the response from the surveyor. Once after the surveyor shows that CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED THE SURVEY, you MUST go to the home page of clixsense website and you MUST click YES for the question that did you qualify for the survey?. only then you will be credited.

Your account will be credited for sure within few seconds or minutes automatically in you account.

Other surveys which will come when your profile matches are

Sample cube,


Your surveys



Elicit research

Pures pectrum

Global research

Toluna etc.

2.Crowdflower Tasks (Now Called as Figure Eight)

Some simple tasks available here from different companies. Here are the steps to do the tasks. First sign up for Figure Eight and You should click on the product or company name.


There you find some optional questions, read well and go through it. You will be answering the questions accordingly and if they ask the repeated questions you must be very careful and give the same answer.


You will be given some company or institutions name and details of the company.

Read thoroughly, open a new tab and copy your given details from the figure eight page. Paste it in your search engne new tab and verify the details of it whether they are true or fake.This is your work on it. They are asking you to verify the details are true or fake. If you verify and the appropriate response, you will be credited.


Transcribe data works Its nothing but to translate the data’s given  to the fair statements.


You can play games like grid games, adventure, arcade, animals, cards, bubble shooter, matchings, shooting, multiplayer games, simulation, time managing games, skill and sports, tower defense. Finally your points will be credited as a cent in your account.


You can see the updates and news from the author and general talk of the support center You can clarify your doubts there.


There are several offers here for every completed offer you will be credited with dollars

Daily Checklist Bonus

It is a special bonus for everyone,

  1. You have to visit the website daily
  2. Compete atleast 10 figure eight tasks (or)
  3. Complete atleast 5 figure eight tasks and 1 survey offer (or)
  4. Complete 2 survey offers

All these conditions will be satisfied every 3 days. It is called as CLIX ADDON.

Direct Referrals

Direct referrals are key for earning money online so promote your referral link. When someone joins through your link and completes a survey you also get commission from 10% – 30%. So, increase your earning by increasing your direct referrals.

Clixsense Earning Strategy
Earning Made from Earning in USD Earning in Rupees
Survey (3 confirmed) 0.4*4 = 1.6 108.8
Direct Referrals commission (5 Referrals) 0.25 17
Daily Bonus 0.1 6.8
Mini Jobs (5 confirmed) 5 * 0.05 = 0.25 17
Games 0.1 6.8
Total 2.3 $/day 156 Rupees/day

I take 1 USD = 68 Rupees for conversion purpose. Its actually more than that.

By Mere spending an hour of time you are able to earn 2.3 $ or 156 Rupees in a day. Now Consider for a month.156 * 30 = 4680 Rupees. For a year 4680 * 12 = 56160 Rupee.

Just think of What I said above. We never invest we just complete the surveys offers and promote what the good thing we had to others. They are also not going to invest anything. If you think Rs.56160 worth for your 1 hour work then click here to join Clixsense.

Rules and Payments

Each survey may be clicked once. Default surveys can be attempted by many times.Most of the surveys pay instantly, few surveys can pay within 30 days and it will be marked by red flag. All your answers should be same for the repeated questions unless you will be disqualified.Your payment was done through Payoneer and Skrill. Add your local bank account to your payment processor to get money in your bank account. They will charge you transaction and service charge from both end.

My recommendation about Clixsense

Finally My recommendation about Clixsense is It’s a Legit site if you are able to complete a task of 15 – 30 minutes by giving your valuable and honest opinion Also you are able to maintain the Tolerance and patience level.. Then this is the place for you to earn some extra bucks.

That’s it. If you are interested to join Clixsense click the link below.

Before proceeding further please read the General Instructions of PTC sites.


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